Setting Intentions With Crystals

Setting Intentions With Crystals

I have absolutely no doubt that crystals and rocks have their own vibrational frequency.

I also have absolutely no doubt that, as people, we each resonate with our own vibrational frequencies. Just consider how happy (or high) you feel when life is good; and equally how low you feel when things are not going well. These emotions are caused by our level of vibration.

So I have no doubt that we can use crystals to help with our intentions – if our belief is strong enough. The Law of Resonance states that resonance occurs when two or more objects share the same vibrational frequency. For example, think of tuning forks, where vibrating one tuning fork can make another tuning fork vibrate with the same frequency. You can find plenty of information via Google about why and how this works, but the result is that when one of the objects is vibrating, it forces the second object into vibrational motion, producing a larger vibration.

The difficulty comes with the strength of our intentions. If you are dealing with negative emotions, such as a client that you are helping, or even if you feel negative yourself, those emotions likely include fear, doubt, and worry. These are very negative emotions with a low vibration, and are usually very strong feelings. So it isn’t surprising that crystals may start to resonate at a lower frequency, and so become “dulled.” Think of that radio that is just off its correct frequency.

Can we “program” crystals to carry our intentions?

Although there are exceptions, I think the majority of us may find it difficult to focus our intent long enough to positively affect crystals. There are rituals we can do that will help, such as using crystal grids, lighting candles to affect our mood. And meditation definitely helps. When you meditate, hold or surround yourself with one or more crystals and focus your intent on the stones. Timing your intention-setting rituals around the mysticism of a new moon can also help focus your intent.

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But Who (or What) Affects Whom? There's An Easier Way…

Since crystals already have their own vibration, the easier way is to look for a crystal with which we feel a connection – and use the crystal’s own vibration to positively affect our own frequency. So tune into the energy of the crystal rather than trying to change it – effectively programming ourselves!

All is not lost…

Even if you feel you lack the focus to physically affect your crystal, crystals are wonderful to use as a reminder. By setting your intent on a crystal – whether it’s a stone or piece of jewelry – you are also reminding yourself of your dreams and goals. Whenever you feel that you lack focus, motivation, or you forget your goals, just looking at the crystal will help boost your intent and help you carry out the tasks you need to get closer to your goal. And the more methods you use the better! Research has shown that if you confirm your intent in different ways, such as journaling, recording your goals and listening daily, or holding the intent in your crystals, the neural pathways in your brain grow stronger. And stronger is good – it’s so easy to drift back to old habits if you don’t have those constant little reminders of what we really want to achieve.


As an example, if your goal is to meditate, study, or exercise on a daily basis - or you have bigger goals such as changing career - and if you set your intent in a natural stone bracelet, then each time you pick up your bracelet, you will be reminded of your goal. And it becomes difficult to ignore constant reminders - so ultimately, meditating, studying, or exercise, or the steps to changing career become part of your daily tasks.

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