So What's With Crystal Energy?

So What’s With Crystal Energy?

Crystal energy has been used by shamans and healers for millennia – but it’s only relatively recently that interest in crystals has seen a resurgence. Many celebrities are promoting their belief and use of crystals. But what’s the big deal? Is there energy in crystals? And does it work?

Throughout history, many civilizations have revered and used healing crystals. Egyptians used crystals for protection and health, adorning crowns and royal jewelry to enhance wisdom; Chinese emperors were buried in Jade armor as a symbol of wealth and power, Mayans and American Indians used crystals to diagnose and treat disease; in ancient Scotland, crystals were used to cure cattle of ailments. And there are many more examples of how crystals have been used to treat illnesses and emotional and relationship issues.

Crystal healing and the energy in crystals is still often considered a pseudoscience, but this is one of those areas where science is just starting to catch up with the experiential beliefs that have been passed down through the ages. Compare this to lack of understanding of electricity – the energy had always been available, but it took Edison lighting a bulb to show that it could be tamed. What about the frequencies used in radios, TV, microwaves? These are all recent uses of energy that was previously unknown.

Everything is Energy…

There’s no doubt that the earth has a magnetic charge, so why should it be such a stretch to accept that the charge is held and carried by the forces within the earth – including rocks and gemstones that have been forged in the earth over the 4.5 billion years or so that the earth has been in existence.

I get headache trying to delve into anything to do with quantum physics, but I do believe that “everything is energy,” and that everything vibrates with its own particular energy and frequency. People, plants, trees, and each type of stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy, dependent on its internal crystalline structure.

Crystals in Modern Use…

It is their very precise crystalline structure and rate of vibration that make crystals indispensable in modern technology.

Liquid crystal diodes are used in calculators, clocks, computers, and cell phones, as well as in credit cards and laser technology, and it has been discovered that thousands of holographic, 3D images can be stored within a single crystal.

Quartz crystals have been in regular use for many years for their ability to maintain accurate frequencies for radio transmitters, radio receivers and computers. 

Energy in the Body…

Western medicine sometimes finds it hard to accept but, for thousands of years, Chinese medicine has believed that energy, or Chi, is the lifeforce in the body. Chi flows through meridians in the body, and blockages in the flow of energy through the meridians causes illness or disease in the organs related to that meridian. Chinese treatments, including acupuncture, are designed to clear the flow of energy.

The power of crystals to concentrate energy – the same power that makes them so useful in technology – can also be beneficial in concentrating that energy to specific areas of the body.

The DNA in living organisms is, itself, a crystalline structure, with some BioPhysicists considering it a liquid crystal. So it really is not difficult to imagine that energy from a stone can be received by, and resonate with energy in the body. And, similarly, how focusing your intention on a stone could magnify the force of that intention – just as in a quartz radio.

Certain stones vibrate in a way that resonates with and strengthens particular energies inside each person. The energy from these crystals reacts with the human electromagnetic field, and the subtle energy brings healing and improvement in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

How to Use Crystal Energy…

There are many ways to use crystals to affect your environment or how you feel.

Use tumbled stones in different parts of your house or office – or carry them in your pocket as you go about your daily errands. For example, if you have make a presentation or have a difficult conversation, carry something blue: Blue Lace Agate, Angelite, Aquamarine, or Turquoise will all help clarify your thoughts and communication.

Crystal pyramids will help concentrate energy, and spheres are wonderful for holding during meditation.

Wear natural stone jewelry. Not only is is stylish, but pendants or earrings keep stones close to your throat and head, and bracelets are wonderful to hold and wear when you need the subtle healing properties of different crystals.

A quick reminder! When you use your crystals in any healing capacity, you should cleanse them to remove any negative energy that they absorb.

So… by themselves, crystals and stones do not make you a better or different person, but they do resonate with the subtle energy of your inner self. You may feel drawn to different stones at different times in your life, so experiment. Keep an open mind. Accept the energy given out from these stones, and you may find you get more than you expected from HealinStones!

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