Deep Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet

Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet

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Keep Your World Harmonious

Rose Quartz is called the Heart Stone, and is the stone of love. Not just romantic love, but unconditional love for oneself, for children, community, the earth, universe and the Divine.

Rose Quartz inspires the love of beauty, and is used to help creativity. It was a stone honored by the Tibetan and Oriental cultures, and it is still used as a carving stone in China today.

A calming and reassuring crystal, Rose Quartz’s soothing vibration calms emotions and helps to release tension and stress. It is one of the most important stones you can wear, and can be used to support meditation, and at night to support sleep for both adults and children. It can help prevent nighmares, and it is a great stone for dissolving anger and resentment.

Rose Quartz is a perfect stone to wear and keep in every room. Keep a large piece of unpolished Rose Quartz in the office to protect against intrusion and keep interactions with everyone harmonious.

It is also great to give as a gift, spreading compassion and loving vibration to the recipient and anyone whose life is touched by your gift.

Length: 19 cm (approximately 8 inches); beads 8mm diameter on stretch cord
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*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.