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Sardonyx was used in Ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago, when women wore Sardonyx necklaces with cameos of Venus to harness power from the goddess of love, and soldiers going into battle wore rings and carvings of Mars, the god of war. It was also used in ancient Rome for parchment seals, as hot wax does not stick to the stone.

Sardonyx may be found in black and white, but is often found with alternating bands of dark orange-red to almost black. Sardonyx may also be found in pink, red, light green, and blue. The name is a combination of Sard and Onyx, and may also be known as Sardian Onyx.

The best examples of sardonyx, which display sharp contrasts between the layers, are found in India. Other deposits include Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uruguay and the United States.

Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection and, in earlier times, was considered a stone of abundance, virtue, fearlessness, and eloquence. It helps build self-confidence and optimism, and helps overcome sadness.

Sardonyx helps if you are searching for meaning in your life. It has a very positive vibration that helps you attract new friendships and build close relationships and, as it promotes integrity and virtuous conduct, it is thought to enhance your marriage.

It is a good stone to help enhance creativity, and is great when studying as it helps you focus and retain information. If you are a writer, Sardonyx may help you write more creatively.

Sardonyx has a strong vibration to help clear the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. 

It is also thought that placing sardonyx at each corner of a house will grant protection against evil.

Sardonyx helps to repair bones and lungs. It heals the sensory organs, touch, smell, hearing and eyes. It regulates fluid in the body and increases cell metabolism. Sardonyx strengthens the immune system, and helps nutrition and digestion.*

Take care with Sardonyx and store pieces separately as it can chip or scratch easily if several items are stored together.

Sardonyx was the original birthstone for August. It was then joined by Peridot and Spinel, making August one of only three months to have three birthstones.

*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.

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