Red Agate Shambala Bracelet

Red Agate Shambala Bracelet

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Although Agate is considered to have a slower vibrational frequency than many other stones, it is thought to have a stabilizing effect. It is considered to be a stone of strength, and was used in ancient times on armor, where it was thought to promote strength in battle.

Agate is thought to balance the body’s energy, and also promote strength in the body, providing courage and protection as well as healing and calm. The healing properties may vary, depending on the color of the Agate.

Agate is known as a good luck stone, and a stone of harmony. It is a great stone for easing anxiety and stress. It can also increase energy, but only when needed.

Agate is thought to be a protective stone, especially for children.

Agate is a grounding stone, enhancing the physical connection to the earth and removing negative energy.

Physically, Agate is said to be particularly helpful for mouth and throat issues, and may help with insomnia*.

All agates can remove blockages from any chakra, red agate being particularly helpful to the root chakra. The stones in the bracelet promote the stabilizing and grounding energies of Red Agate.

Length: variable - to fit 17-23 cm; beads 10 mm diameter
Note: Please let us know by messenger or email if you'd like a different length

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*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.