Aquamarine Chip Bracelet

Aquamarine Chip Bracelet

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According to ancient lore, Aquamarine is believed to be a treasure of mermaids, and has long been used as a talisman to bring protection to sailors.

The blue of Aquamarine is very calming, and helps to invoke feelings of trust and harmony. It can enhance intuition for women, calm frustration for men, and is really a stone of empowerment for everyone, helping to increase tolerance and help in overwhelming situations.

Aquamarine helps balance anger or fear, and help you find compromise in arguments or negotiations.

Blue is associated with the Throat Chakra, and Aquamarine is a wonderful stone to help overcome the fear of speaking, whether that is public speaking, teaching, or the need to speak clearly and without anger.

It is an excellent stone to carry or wear when you are travelling as it protects anyone travelling long distances, particularly over water, and it is a good stone keep with you if you are learning to swim.

Aquamarine is helpful when you are in any sort of transition, as it can help you cope with fear of the unknown. It not only helps clear emotional baggage, but it may provide momentum for clearing out the clutter in your physical surroundings.

The calming and cooling benefits of Aquamarine can help with throat issues such as a sore throat or strep throat. It is also useful for helping to heal inflammation, such as arthritis, and can help heal sinus conditions and allergies. It is thought to enhance treatment for shingles.

For most benefit, wear Aquamarine in contact with the skin and close to the inflamed part of the body*.

Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for meditation. It is associated with the water element which, in Feng Shui, is traditionally associated with the Northern part of a room. Use blue crystals to enhance any space that you use for repose, calm reflection, or prayer.

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for anyone born in March.

The stones in the bracelet promote the cooling and calming energies of Aquamarine..

Length: ~20 cm beads from 5-10 mm.

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*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.