Jade & Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet
Jade & Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet
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Jade & Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet

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Attract Good Luck Into Your Life!

Jade has been regarded as a gemstone of royalty, nobility, and power since prehistoric times. It has a long history of use, going back at least 100,000 years, when its hardness made it valuable to primitive people in the British Isles who used it to make axe heads, knives, and weapons.

Jade has been the most highly esteemed stone in China throughout recorded history, and has always been valued for its beauty and powers of healing and protection

There are two different compounds that are both known as Jade, and these are mined in Myanmar and Guatemala, as well as China and Central Asia. Jade has also been found in the western part of the US.

Green Jade is a crystal of love, and is said to bless whatever it touches. It signifies peace through strength, and is thought to increase trustworthiness. It is a great stone to keep in an office to promote harmony.

In Chinese tradition, Jade symbolized all five virtues of humanity: Wisdom, Compassion, Justice, Modesty and Courage, and you will often find symbols of these virtues carved from Jade. Jade provides confidence and self-assuredness and helps in situations where you need to follow through on a project or business endeavor. It helps in manifesting dreams into the physical world.

Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity and attracts good luck and friendship. It is a protective stone, and keeps the wearer from harm. 

Jade is a stone of abundance and prosperity. Keep a small piece of jade inside a box or bowl where you empty your pockets into at the end of the day: mingling jade with coins attracts more abundance.

Jade is also known as a dream stone, releasing negative thoughts and soothing the mind. Placed under the pillow it brings insightful dreams.

Green Jade balances and harmonizes the Heart Chakra, aiding in both emotional and physical well-being. It is a good stone for contemplation, and olive shades of jade are particularly conducive to meditation.

Jade is also the stone of calm. It is a balancing stone that calms nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. Keep a piece of Jade about your person to guard against illness

As a travel stone, Green Jade prevents illness while on holiday, and is a good stone for anyone traveling alone. 

Jade is a powerful cleansing stone, enhancing the body's filtration and elimination organs. It is excellent for treating the kidneys, and for removing toxins. Jade is thought to stimulate the flow of energy, or chi, through the physical body.

Green Jade is a stone for healing the heart. It’s color is heart-chakra green and its energies are strong and steady that you may feel a sense of well-being immediately you touch the stone.

Jade stimulates the flow of energy through the physical body, and is a good stone to use as an overall tonic to the energy field.

This stone never allows any negative energy or negative influences to affect the person wearing it. It protects the person as it continues to emit a cleansing and calming aura. The ancient people from the East have known all the healing properties of Jade for hundreds of years. 

In China, gifts made from Jade are given at almost every important station in life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, and other celebrations. It is also a commonly used material for producing religious art. China is the country where the importance of Jade is the highest.

This natural stone bracelet imparts the calm energy of Green Jade, with the energy of good fortune from Tiger Eye.

Length: 19 cm (~8 inches); beads 8 mm diameter on stretch cord

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*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.