Natural Labradorite Stone Buddha Bracelet

Natural Labradorite Stone Buddha Bracelet

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Call Forth Your Inner Magic! 

Labradorite is an ordinary stone, but when it refracts light it turns into a shimmering stone of magic, awakening mystical abilities and psychic powers. Named after Labrador, in Canada, where it was discovered by Moravian missionaries in 1770, the stone is known to have been used for over 1,000 years, and has long been treasured by shamans, healers, and those who seek knowledge and guidance.

Labradorite stones were believed to contain elements of the Northern Lights, which were thought to be the source of the iridescent labradorite color that became known as “labradoresence.”

Known as the gemstone of magic, Labradorite's power enhances natural intuitive abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychic reading. It is thought to bring about coincidence control (serendipity and syncronicity) in life, and to help in communication with spirit guides. 

Labradorite has a reputation as the top protector stone in the mineral kingdom, its vibration protecting against negativity, and encouraging congeniality and excitement. It is thought to create an energy shield within the aura that holds personal energy in and keeps negative energy out! 

Carrying or wearing Labradorite benefits emotional healing by calming an overactive mind and strengthening the imagination, bringing new and exciting ideas and a sense of change and adventure. It lifts one’s mood, reducing insecurities and fears while encouraging self-empowerment and independence. It imparts strength and perseverance, balances the aura, and quickly calms an overactive mind.  

Labradorite is said to regulate metabolism, balance hormones, lower blood pressure, aid in digestion, and help with disorders of the eyes and brain*. 

This natural stone bracelet imparts the energy of Labradorite.

Length: 19 cm (~8 inches); beads 8 mm diameter on stretch cord

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*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.