Sodalite Chakra Bracelet

Sodalite Chakra Bracelet

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Sodalite is a pretty blue, or blue-grey stone that often contains streaks of white. Sodalite was not discovered until 1806, when it was found in Greenland. The biggest deposits are now found in Brazil, although it is also found in Russia, France, Canada, and the Unites States, amongst other places.

Sodalite is an excellent stone to help communication, particularly if you are doing any public speaking. And it is also good for managing communication breakdowns and for helping to end arguments. It is thought to achieve this by helping to reduce negativity, and enhancing positivity, so adding a more positive light to an argumentative situation.

Sodalite is known as “The Poet’s Stone,” because its communication properties help writers overcome writer’s block.

Sodalite helps to increase intelligence, knowledge and learning. It helps bring calmness to the mind, encouraging rational thought, and it is believed to reduce anxiety and stress.

Sodalite is considered a stone of confidence, and can encourage you to stand up for your beliefs. It helps to enhance intuition, and helps to achieve emotional balance.

Physically, it is thought to be beneficial for throat and digestive issues, diabetes, and relieving insomnia, as well as helping to relieve head colds. It may ease anxiety and panic attacks, and can help to boost the immune system*.

Wear this bracelet to benefit from the confidence and communications properties of Sodalite and the balancing energies of the chakra stones: Bamboo Coral (Red), Carnelian (Orange), Tiger Eye (Yellow), Jade (Green), Aquamarine (Blue), Lapis Lazuli (Indigo), Amethyst (Purple)

Length: 19 cm (~7.5 inches); beads 8 mm diameter on stretch cord

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*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.