Turquoise Lava Stone Bracelet

Turquoise Lava Stone Bracelet

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Turquoise is a strengthening and purifying stone and is effective when worn or carried as a good luck charm.

In the workplace, Turquoise promotes leadership and communication; it can help overcome writer’s block, and is a stone of clear communication when presenting information.

Because it soothes the mind and relieves stress, Turquoise benefits overall mood and emotions by promoting a sense of serenity and peace, helping to moderate aggressiveness. Holding or wearing Turquoise helps lift spirits. As a stone of purification, Turquoise dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog, as well as other environmental pollutants.

Turquoise is a strengthening stone, good for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks. It is reputed to be influenced by the physical condition of the person who wears it, growing pale when its owner is sick or sad, and gradually recovering its color when the owner recovers or it is transferred to a new, healthy owner.  

For centuries Turquoise has been recognized as possessing the power to protect travelers. Originally thought to protect riders from injury due to falls, it is now considered protection against falls of any kind, and can be used as a protection stone during travel. Turquoise also helps with jet lag and fear of flying, and it can even protect a pet; Turquoise attached to a collar can prevent an animal from straying.

Physically, Turquoise assists in problems of the brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat, especially cataracts, migraines and headaches, and problems with balance. It enhances immune systems and supports the assimilation of nutrients. It is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, and may benefit gout, rheumatism, and the stomach*.

This bracelet includes the grounding properies of the Turquoise stones with three lava beads - add you favorite essential oils to the lava stones. Use Rosemary for focus, Lavender for relaxation, Cypress or Eucalyptus to clear your sinuses!

Length: 19 cm (~7.5 inches); beads 8 mm diameter on stretch cord

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*Note: The properties of healing stones and essential oils should not be considered as healthcare information.